Sailing on the Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz Harbor can be a little chilly. Best to have some thermal layers and an outer shell against the wind, you may not need them but they are nice to have.


Oh that California Sun...
Reflecting off the water make sunglasses and sunscreen a must. A hat is nice to have, one that won’t blow off is even better (I am not kidding about the sunscreen).


Should be comfortable stable and easy to move around in. (everybody asks about non-marking soles but we don’t worry about that)


The Pacific
Is not always so peaceful. If you are prone to motion sickness and are going to use medication purchase it in advance and read the directions. It needs to be taken on time to work.


Life Jackets
We have them for everyone. Adults are not required to wear PFD’s, however if you are a non-swimmer do wear a PFD. If you would feel more comfortable for any reason in a PFD then wear one.


Kids under 12 are required to wear a PFD. If you have one that fits, may as well bring it otherwise they will need to fit into one of ours. Children too young for a life jacket can be held by an adult that is wearing a life jacket.

Captain Forest
Will advise you on how to safely move around the boat, as well as other safety considerations.

Be fully prepared to have FUN.
Bring your smile, bring your camera and let us know if you have any question, we’d love to chat.

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