When Forest first told his sister Mary Lynn about moving to California to pursue a career in the marine industry she was not surprised.  She said “I remember you building a boat in the back yard when you were 9 years old with paper route money”.  Since 1989 Forest has worked as a boat builder, commercial diver, delivery and charter captain and  sailing instructor for Pacific Yachting and Sailing. For all that time Forest has kept his own boats for the most part in Santa Cruz (unless out cruising).Forest has always followed an interest in maritime history, particularly the design and construction of sailing vessels. 
When it was time to look for a boat to start his charter business, it was finely time for a classic wood boat, one that he liked..  He found that boat in ”Sarah” a gaff rigged classic yacht designed in the 19th century and  built by Bill Garvie  in San Rafael California. And launched in 2005.

Let’s Go Sailing and Have Some Fun!

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